Transmission Flush

Like the oil in your vehicle, the transmission fluid in your transmission needs to be serviced. As the transmission fluid ages, viscosity breaks down and contaminants build up, leaving your vehicles transmission vulnerable to breakdowns. A complete transmission flush replaces all the fluid in the transmission and gives long term protection and reliability.

Gas $299.95
Diesel $399.95

Transmission Flush
  • Recommended every 80,000km** to promote optimum transmission performance & prolong transmission life
  • Completely remove old burnt transmission fluid & reduces varnish build up inside the transmission
  • Completely flush out old fluid replace with new fluid for the transmission & torque converter.

**We recommend transmission flushes at 80,000km, however it all depends on the driver, vehicle style and what the vehicle is being used for. eg. Towing, City Driving, Highway or Rural Driving

*** If you have any questions, feel free to call!